Nissan Taxi

Nissan Postpones London Taxi Project

Failure to meet the standards set for the planned Ultra-Low Emission Zone, Nissan’s new London black cab project has been suspended

Nissan has suspended its new black cab project for the time being due to failure in meeting emissions standards. This taxi design features a petrol engine which unfortunately failed to meet the tough emission standards set for the central London, but if in future the emissions zone is signed off this project will be brought in without any delay.

Nissan Taxis

Nissan Taxis

London Mayor Boris Johnson proposed that by the year 2018, they’ll make all London taxis zero emissions capable.

The current black cab taxis with their diesel engines return 32mpg and 233g/km of CO2 and the taxi from Nissan claims to offer significantly improved fuel economy and emissions. This is still not enough and once if the proposed zero emission zones come into effect, Nissan would have to re-engineer this cab thoroughly.

Nissan Taxi London

Nissan Taxi London

Mayor Boris Johnson is hoping to have well around 7,000 taxis capable of zero emission on the streets of London by the year 2020. And as of the owners of the old TX4 diesel cabs, every time they drive this vehicle into the capital, they’ll have to pay up to £20.

For some people, postponing this project seems bit unusual as the company has already launched e-NV200 which is the electric version of their popular MPV and which easily meets the set standards. Managing Director of Nissan Motor GB, James Wright said that their NV200 taxi is already performing brilliantly in New York and Barcelona but for London they are making engineering and styling changes. These changes are being made so that London can also enjoy a ride in the new and modern black cabs.

Nissan Micra

Nissan Micra is an Economical Fellow

Although Nissan Micra Super-mini offers low running costs but overall it is an average city car

Nissan Micra was first introduced more than three decades ago and is one of the most famous nameplates in UK. It always has been a soft, bubbly and low cost Supermini but in the modern generations, Micra has lost its admiration. In all aspects, it is no longer a great Supermini but still economical.

Micra Supermini

Micra Supermini

In the new generations of Micra, some unusual things were noted and one of them is engine power. You cannot imagine its power coming from three cylinders until you ignite it and floor it on the road. It is fairly smooth and calm when idle, however delivers massive power when in action. Clutch and gear shifting is very smooth and light where you can feel that the Micra is purely designed for ease of driving. In the UK, the majority of new drivers prefer the Micra as their first ever buy. It has a respectable response to throttle and pulls away with familiar and pleasant three cylinder play.

Its 1198cc Nissan Engine size is big enough for three-pot engine family. It offers 79bhp of power and 81lb ft. of torque.

Nissan Micra Engine

Nissan Micra Engine

A supercharged DIG-S is a higher power version, which cranks out 105bhp of power and equally boosted torque enabling Micra to clock 11.3 seconds from zero to 60 miles per hour where its peak power arrives at 5600rpm.

A marginally better engine offered in Micra is a 1.2 Litre supercharged engine which is better of the other two on offer. However, it has relatively high running costs than of DIG-S and 1.0 Litre versions. It returns very good fuel economy of 56.6 mpg on average while carbon emissions are relatively high with 115g/km. The most economical version offers 68.9 miles per gallon on average with carbon emissions of 99g/km.

It is now in fourth generation and open for sale around the globe. If you are a new driver and looking for a car to buy, then there is nothing better than a Micra.

Nissan Qashqai N-tec

Nissan offers Qashqai N-Tec

N-Tec is the top level trim of Nissan Qashqai and has many reasons to buy one

Nissan Qashqai has won the Car of the Year Award 2014 from What Car? Magazine. The all new N-tec version is the flagship trim of Qashqai where it offers all features like satellite navigation and lane departure warning system as standard.

Although it has £2000 of the list price but it is not the only reason to buy one. There are other reasons to buy an N-tec, including the best ever engine line-up as the 1.5 Litre dCi N-tec engine offers great performance and fuel economy. It saves you £2340 on the listed price and you can buy one from only £21,111 from Orange wheels.

Nissan Qashqai N-tec Interior

Nissan Qashqai N-tec Interior

Being an extra superb SUV, It is extra economical too, with classy, refined and practical features. Its 1.5 Litre dCi engine is one of the best on-hand units in Nissan engine line-up and it has very smooth power delivery which converts into gusty power from 1500 rpm. It has a great fuel economy of 54.7mpg which is not always possible from an SUV of Qashqai’s size. But it was tested in the real wold by What Car? testing experts. While Nissan claims the figure to be at 74.3 mpg on a combine cycle. It has carbon emissions of just under 100g/km which is another plus for economy drivers.

On the subject of practicality, it ticks all the right boxes, with ample leg room, adequate head space available on all seats and a practically reasonable boot space. Boot space can be further extended by folding the seats because it has flat-folding seats.

The all new Nissan Qashqai N-tec beats all its rivals through it exclusive refinement, quietness in the cabin, smooth power delivery, minimal road noise and best motorway cruising with top speed of 113mph.

It offers a colour touch screen, DAB Radio, Satellite navigation system, keyless entry and lane departure warning system along with emergency braking system.

All these options make the new Nissan Qashqai N-tec the best choice to buy in UK.




Nissan Pulsar

New Nissan Pulsar Returns To Family Hatch Scene

Nissan is enjoying the big sales and success of its award winning Qashqai and transformed Juke while new Pulsar opens the family hatch chapter again

New Pulsar family hatch scene is ON now and it offers extensive leg room for occupants and plenty of new features including safety and technology tweaks. It is the part of Japanese automaker’s strategy to blast its rivals by pulling them into the orbit of Pulsar. The all new Pulsar will cost from just over £15,000 and will go head to head with segment’s top sellers like, Ford Focus, Vauxhall Astra, and a very strong contender Volkswagen Golf.

Nissan Pulsar Interior

Nissan Pulsar Interior

According to the Nissan, the all new Pulsar claims a longest wheel-base in the entire hatchback segment and also offers plenty of legroom and head room comparative to the opponents. It has 692mm of rear knee space that is even more than any other vehicle of same class. It is claimed to be more spacious than many rivals claiming to be compact.

New technologies and enhanced safety features will play a vital role in the success of new Pulsar, however, refreshed Nissan engine line-up will further improve the efficiency. It will be powered by an all new turbocharged engine with DIG-T technology. It has a power output of 99bhp while a 1.5 Litre dCi offers 95bhp.

Pulsar Engines

Pulsar Engines

New technologies include, smart mirror, Around-view Monitor, Autonomous braking system with emergency handling, moving object detection system, lane departure system and blind spot warning technology. All these new technologies are available in new Pulsar as standard. The Pulsar is the only car in the segment that offers most modern technologies as standard on at least one model in Pulsar trim line-up.

It offers state of the art infotainment system that features 2nd Generation NissanConnect System that boost the safety features with the help of smartphone integration and Google Send-to-Car apps. 2015 model also features new design LED headlamps that were first introduced by Nissan on Qashqai and X-Trail.






Nissan NV400 2015

New Nissan Engines Revealed For NV400 2015

Nissan NV400 is updated for 2015 model and the details have been revealed

Nissan NV400 is an inspiration of Renault Master and Vauxhall Movano panel vans. Nissan has revealed that it is updating the engine line-up for 2015 Nissan NV400, in order to make it more fuel saving van.  Nissan engine division has elected the 2.3 Litre common rail diesel engines and all these units are slightly powerful than ever before. A turbocharged engine develops 110bhp while other power variant is capable of generating 125bhp.

This time Nissan has introduced a pair of new twin-turbo engines, capable of generating 135bhp and 165bhp respectively. A revised power unit is available with 150bhp where it offers a turbocharger and robotised semi-auto box.

Nissan NV400 Engines

Nissan NV400 Engines

These engine units are especially designed to manage long journeys and offer muscular torque even below 1500rpm. Apart from extra power, 165bhp Nissan engine is capable of achieving an impressive fuel economy of 40mpg on average. If you owned a smaller engine model, then don’t worry, because these engines are more economical and even better than larger versions. The entire engine line-up has start stop technology as standard to help more fuel saving. Regenerative braking system is also available across the range.

In order to achieve a greater efficiency and optimised climate control, Nissan has introduced a new ECO mode to limit the engine torque. Entertainment system is also very good where you can enjoy the DAB Radio and Bluetooth connectivity as standard. There is Hill Start Assist, a new ESP System, Trailer Sway Control and a wide view mirror is offered as standard on all models. A passenger version of Nissan NV400 is available with tyre monitoring system. There will be a great range of body configurations available from 2015 but the pricing details are not available yet.

Nissan e-NV200 VIP Concept

Nissan e-NV200 Combi Heading Towards Hannover Motor Show

A luxury version of Nissan’s electric e-NV200 Combi MPV will debut at Hannover Motor Show 

Nissan has unveiled a luxury MPV as people carrier van, based on the NV200 commercial vehicle. The all new e-NV200 will make its first public appearance at Hannover commercial vehicle show. The all new e-NV200 van has an all-electric powertrain borrowed from the Nissan Leaf. It has a luxurious interior and five passenger seats. It is going to make its first public appearance as an all-electric VIP concept with the NV400 line-up.

Nissan e-NV200 VIP Rear

Nissan e-NV200 VIP Rear

The all new e-NV200 is painted in two tones and both are striking and beautiful. It is an attempt to make a different outlook with a Focus on luxury and refinement which is an awkward approach for a people carrier even it is an all-electric version.

The all new e-NV200 electric Combi van has a white and blue leather interior with two Club Class rear chairs instead of a bench. These seats are very well built and feature arm and leg-rests as an attempt to build a luxurious interior for passengers. The interior has a 670mm legroom which is almost similar to the Rolls Royce. A 21.5 inch multimedia screen is fitted in the rear cabin that can be connected to the multimedia devices like mobile phones.

Nissan e-NV200 VIP Interior

Nissan e-NV200 VIP Interior

Centre console hoses the controls of the screen, LED roof lightning and the drink fridge, all these exclusive features make the taxi more luxury and ideal for executive class.

The Smart-View rear mirror technology is also introduced in the e-NV200. The smart Rear-View mirror technology is based on a LCD screen and rear camera to display the images at very high resolution and the smart camera is mounted on the back of the e-NV200. It is capable of traveling 106 miles from a single charging cycle and has a smart rapid-charge system that takes only 30 minutes to charge 80% battery.

Nissan 1.5 Dci Engine Puts The Qashqai Acenta Last In Power Stakes

Nissan Qashqai Acenta powered by the smallest Nissan engine but it still manages to trail its rivals along the clock from a standing start

Nissan Qashqai Acenta

Nissan Qashqai Acenta

There are hundreds of automakers in the market doing business even attaining the top position regarding sales but there is only one car maker who is very expert in playing its cards very successfully, its Nissan. Nissan has set its agenda to make the Qashqai successful in the crossover segment. It was expected that after the discontinuation of Almera, this segment will be left blank by Nissan for couple of years but with the introduction of the Qashqai, they again proved their strength in the market.

The all new Qashqai is a revolutionary model in its own way where it mixes the dynamics and styling cues as of the Renault Espace and Range Rover.

Nissan Qashqai Acenta engine

Nissan Qashqai Acenta engine

Apart from the relatively high price, the Qashqai is featuring the smallest Nissan engine that certainly putting the car last in the power stakes. It is producing 105bhp of power and the torque of 177lb-ft that can trail its rivals against the clock when it goes from zero to 62 miles. There is only Hyundai that has significant advantage over the Qashqai because of its power. The Qashqai beat the Yeti in the gear test and it has a six speed transmission with relatively closer ratios. The closer ratios allow the Qashqai to use the maximum available power. It has very good sales record and is even more apparent on the roads; although it is smaller yet it’s agile than the Peugeot, Skoda or even Hyundai. It has an updated suspension system that brings a fascinating balance between the ride, handling and better control in the corners.

You will be more affectionate with the beauty when you go for a fill-up. It’s smaller engine has very reasonable mpg ratios of 39mpg that can only be beaten by the Yeti.


Nissan Makes the Competition More Tough for Honda

Nissan is closing the gap with Honda by introducing great discounts and some stylish designs in the U.S markets. It’s been more than 25 years when this race started between these two Japanese car makers in American markets. Toyota has dodged Honda and left it at second place few years ago but Nissan on the other hand, is still in not far behind and can be seen in the rear view mirror.

Nissan Friend-Me

Nissan Friend-Me

Nissan has changed its strategy and started launching models with best styling and supported by high end discounts that are now about to catch-up Honda and it can be possible in next few years when Nissan will overtake the rival in U.S markets.

The chairman of Nissan North America said that they are not hiding their ambitions and he is very sure that he will overtake Honda but time will answer to the question about”How long is it going to take Nissan? But it is surely going to happen” he said. By 2016, Nissan will capture about 10% more market share from Honda. From 2009 to present Nissan has increased its market share from 7.4 per cent to 8.6 per cent while Honda has its share of 9.1 per cent which is the lowest since 2006. It was at its peak in 2009 when they enjoyed an 11 per cent from U.S.

Nissan Saloon

Nissan Saloon

Toyota as we said is leading the market by almost five percent and sitting at 15 per cent of market in U.S. usually Honda used its technologies to be a trend setter in global markets and it is the pioneer of manufacturing Japanese cars in U.S and they do it at “crazy Speed” the term used by Honda executives to mention their operations. They are famous for quality and reliability and appeal to customers with different slogans such as, Honda: Power of Dreams, and We make it Simple.

Nissan Leaf

Nissan On Track for Autonomous Car by 2020

Nissan Leaf Set To Become the First Autonomous Car

Nissan believes that its self-driving cars will be on the road as early as 2020. CEO Carlos Ghosn made the towering promise in a speech to the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan but he also admitted that the technology isn’t currently where it needs to be.

Nissan wants to be the first one to introduce the new technology, even if other carmakers and Google are also in the race. The Japanese automaker is not interested in a partnership with Google as such collaborations usually see Google getting all the good name and the partner being pulled to side.

Nissan’s Leaf was a huge gamble for Nissan which has paid of very well. It will be the model carrying forward any autonomous developments Nissan will make. Infiniti is also going to see a lot of autonomous work done on it.

Nissan Leaf Interior

Nissan Leaf Interior

Nissan hopes to have fully automated parking available in its vehicles, as well as the Traffic Jam Assistant feature that lets the car go autonomous in heavy traffic. The automaker is also working on a system that will help cars change lanes: adaptive cruise control will steer a the vehicle around slower traffic when nearby lanes are clear of obstruction. Another feature would be the ability for cars to negotiate city intersections without driver input.

The main issue here is that will Nissan be allowed to have autonomous driven cars on the road and supreme would be safety concerns. Traffic jams are a major source of stress for the average driver and more intelligent driving will certainly help to solve the issue.

Nissan LEAF

The Japanese Face a Threat From Germans

Nissan LEAF Under Threat From Other Electric Car Makers

Nissan’s LEAF isn’t the fastest electric car and it certainly isn’t the most attractive. The Japanese hatch is regarded as a something of a forgotten cause in the emerging world of electromobility. However, because it does the basics well. But its status is now under threat from Germany.

The LEAF has found 115,000 owners around the world, the vast majority of whom are more than satisfied with its reasonable performance, appealing practicality, rock-solid reliability, and ease of use. For these reasons it’s the benchmark for measuring other zero-emission not to mention a general admiration of Nissan’s decision to embrace the technology long before any rivals have.

Nissan LEAF Interior

Nissan LEAF Interior

For a long time Nissan LEAF didn’t have any competitors but now premium automakers are getting heavily involved it could be problematic for Nissan. Norway is the biggest electric car buyer but LEAF sales are dwindling as in May, there were only 342 examples sold. The figure is the worst this year for Nissan, and is due in part to increasing sales of Volkswagen’s brace of electric cars, the e-up! and the e-Golf.

The number of electric cars from premium brands is set to grow as Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, and Porsche are all developing electrified cars at a frightening pace. Volkswagen Group alone is in a position to offer up to 40 battery-electric and plug-in hybrids models from its portfolio of brands at and there’s even talk of a pure electric Porsche 911 by the end of the decade.

Strong early demand for cars like the Volkswagen e-up! and the lightweight BMW i3 shows that price isn’t unaffordable to electric car sales once they reach a certain level of desirability. Nissan sits outside that bracket, however, and with current battery costs the company can’t lower the price of the LEAF any more than it already has. Until the cost of building electric batteries cars become significantly less expensive the Nissan LEAF will have a tough time ahead.