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2014 Nissan Murano

Nissan Murano gets Hybrid Power and set for UK by 2015

New Nissan Murano will be an exclusive addition to SUV range of Nissan and is coming to UK with Hybrid power

Nissan has introduced another Hybrid powered SUV at New York International Auto Show this year and Nissan boss Andy Palmer told the media that new SUV is likely to come to Europe with hybrid power. This new SUV will lead the race in Nissan models and sitting above the SUV range of Nissan that includes Qashqai, Juke, and X-Trail. It would likely be available for sale in 2015 and prices are expected at £35000. Nissan believes that the new Hybrid power SUV would be an important model for the UK and Europe markets as it is powered by hi-Tec technologies and features with superior quality engines.



Along with all Hybrid models, there is a strong expectation for a new diesel model and it is likely to be offered with new twin turbo 1.6 Litre engine from Renault. It is a 1.6 Litre twin turbo dci engine that can produce 158bhp of power and 380nm of torque while it will be combined with a light weight body and very competitive fuel economy with controlled CO2 emissions.

2013 Resonance Concept Car was the first platform where this new concept was unveiled first and according to the Nissan’s boss; it shows an entirely new design direction for Nissan. The all new Murano has acquired some features from its predecessors and fellows such as LED lights and bonnet design from Qashqai and grille from Juke.

Mississippi production facility will host the production of this new model and to be exported to over hundred markets across the globe. Although Nissan has not officially confirmed its introduction to the Europe but we hope to see it at Nissan selling locations across the Europe some time in 2015.