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The Nissan 350z has Bags of Character

Beneath the Nissan 350z bonnet sits an exceptional 3.5-litre V6. Revised in ‘07, it producesNissan 350z engine 309bhp, but more importantly, 90 per cent of its 358Nm of torque output is available from a lowly 2,000rpm. That means impressive mid-range acceleration: it achieved a 30-70mph time of 5.3 seconds. The V6 was also developed to produce a more cultured sound. Press the throttle, and you are rewarded with a deep, bellowing roar from the twin exhausts. It’s tuneful and summons searing acceleration.

The Nissan also offers traditional rear-wheel-drive handling and is hugely involving. The accurate steering is weighty and delivers clear feedback, while the powerful Brembo brakes have a firm but progressive pedal. Revised gear linkage means the lever no longer vibrates in your hand, but it still retains a short and precise shift action. However, some severe mid-corner bumps can send shudders through the bodyshell to the cabin. Yet the chassis is well-balanced, easy to control and enormous fun.

Refinement is still an issue too; despite a quieter tyre compound and improved drivetrain damping, the 350Z is still quite raucous. Wind noise in particular can be intrusive and combine this with a slightly harsh ride, and the Nissan becomes tiring over long distances. It also isn’t very economical, averaging 19.8mpg, although retained values are excellent.

Nissan 350Z Coupe will Blow You Away

Nissan first introduced Nissan 350Z in 2003 as a sports coupe, but it did not involve the drivers as it nissan_350Z_enginewas expected to, cabin was not spacious enough and materials were also not very appealing. But in 2006 it went under thorough modifications which also included the engine for Nissan 350Z Coupe upgrade. After that much needed upgrade, the Z used engine for Nissan 350Z in 3.5-litre V6 displacement. This magnificent Nissan 350Z engine for sale is well capable of producing 309 hp along comes output 358Nm of torque. Well placed twin exhausts of this amazing coupe lets out grunting roars that sounds so much fun. It comes with rear wheel drive which is unquestionably impressively involving.

Outlook of the car is quite head-turner but the gadgetries are wonderful along with a delighting range of standard equipments. Steering is very accurately responsive. Inside the cabin, leather used for steering wheel and seat upholstery gives elegant look. Top of the dashboard is brilliantly equipped with some top notch instruments and cow-led dials. Seats do not come with height adjustment, so you will have to sit high enough.