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Several Nissan models are experiencing airbag sensor problems

Nissan is recalling almost one million cars to fix the faulty sensors

After recall notices for several models of Toyota, Volkswagen, GM motors and BMW, now Nissan is issuing a recall notice for its several models including Altima, Leaf, Pathfinder and Sentra on an airbag sensor problem, reported in United State.



Airbag sensors are experiencing airbag deploying issues and sometimes unable to deploy passenger airbags in the case of a crash. This issue was filed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration last week.

In order to overcome this serious issue and apply a fix, Nissan is recalling over 1 million cars worldwide and just under a million units from U.S only. Nissan said that the recall notice will include 2013-2014 Nissan Altima, Leaf, Pathfinder and Sentara. There are several luxury models included in the list and these are 2013 NV200 and Infiniti JX35 along with QX60 and Q50.

High engine vibrations while idling and unnatural seating posture are responsible for this problem, said Nissan. These common problems are confusing the sensor and cause sensor shut-off that disable the passenger airbags. The occupant-detection sensor in the front seat processes pressure and deactivates the airbag in case the seat is empty or a child is up front. The recall increases and redirects the airbag sensors evoke filed in February 2013 for 82,038 Nissan models apart from the NV200.



In June 2013, Nissan said it still received warranty claims for defective airbag sensors and thought that the hitches were due to awkward sitting arrangements of people where they try to sit in outlandish poses. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration afterwards warned Nissan for airbag complaints, and after more exploration the automaker found in a minimum of seven cases where the passenger airbag fails to deploy because the sensor traced the seat as vacant. Nissan bought back four out of those seven vehicles from owners and by February a software update is announced to the airbag sensor for all cars.

Nissan will reprogram the airbag sensor from mid April to enhanced sense idle vibrations and various other seating positions. If you own one of the recalled models of Nissan, you must contact your local dealership for details.

Nissan Gives A Breath Of Fresh Air to the Leaf

The Japanese automaker Nissan has announced upgraded price list for the improved Leaf in UK. It

Nissan Leaf 2013 Electric Car

Nissan Leaf 2013 Electric Car is Cheaper Now

is now going to be sold for 15,990 GBP. Nissan also announced that, the discounted and very low priced version of the Leaf in United Kingdom will be available for as low as 15,990 GBP and the Government’s electric car endowment of 5,000 GBP will also apply to it.
However Nissan’s class leading and flagship Tekna model is priced at 25,490 GBP, prior to the 5,000 GBP grant is applied. Nissan also announced that the leaf owners are in for some good news too, they will be able to choose between three trim levels: a Vista at £29990, an Acenta at £23490 and the Tekna from £25490. The Leaf will also be available with new and powerful battery pack.The all new Leaf comes with an enhanced aerodynamics, efficient heating system, and 70 percent more resourceful and updated

Nissan Leaf 2013 Electric Car Interior

Nissan Leaf 2013 Electric Car

regenerative braking system and many refreshed tweaks. The suspension system has been refreshed to suit UK roads. The Lead has been tweaked by a Michigan based company which offers a new range of powerful battery packs from 4KWh, 8KWh or 12 kWh for the Nisan Leaf, which can be mounted in order to get EV’s maximum range. If you drive a Nissan Leaf and you are not happy with it than now you have a variety being offered by Nissan but just like every improvement, this won’t come economical. Extra battery packs can be installed in order to develop the total range of the electric vehicle from 116 km to 176 km. The cost for the 12 kWh battery pack is almost 4500 GBP.

Nissan is going Green-errrr

On the 12th of December, Nissan Motor Co., the Japan’s second-largest car manufacturer by sales,  2010-nissan-leafannounced that the range of its hybrid models would be extended with 15 new ones by 2017. The car manufacturer’s plans are aimed at making its line of green hybrid models more attractive as the company tries to beat its arch rivals in low- and zero-emission vehicles.

The Yokohama-based car manufacturer plans to introduce as many as 15 new petrol-electric hybrid models by March 2017. Nissan Motor Co.’s green plans are a part of a new long-term strategy aimed at taking advantage of increasing demand for environmentally friendly cars. But the company also wants to increase its market share as well as operating margins as it believes that Nissan Motor Co.’s hybrid models might be attractive to supporters of the green future.

In addition, Japan’s Nissan Motor Co. announced that the launch of an electric version of Infiniti luxury car would take place in 2014. These green plans of Nissan Motor Corp. were made public not so long after the premiere of the 2012 Nissan LEAF model. While reviews of this new electric car produced by the Japan’s car manufacturer differ from each other, but they agree about one thing that the model is truly one of the most significant models in recent years and that it envisions the future of vehicles.

Even though Nissan Motor Corp. has been facing many challenges, the company remains committed to its six-year environmental protection plan that was released in 2011. The company’s green plan is aimed at reducing emissions generated by its cars, production and other activities.

Apart from introducing new models, Nissan Motor Co. also wants to launch updated versions of existing cars. But that is not all, the company wants to sell as many as 1.5 million electric vehicles worldwide with its partner Renault SA by the end of 2016. The goal is impressive, given the fact that the company sold over 46,000 units of the Leaf electric vehicle till the end of November 2012 since the car had been introduced in December 2010.

Nissan Leaf’s Sales are Lagging

Nissan’s boss Carlos Ghosn has admitted that Japanese manufacturer will not be able to meet its targets for its all-electric Leaf. The CEO of Nissan stated, “The forecast we have given ourselves for the year will not be reached”.

Though the sales have been dropping for months but Nissan was reluctant to admit that it could not double its sales in 2012 after selling 10,000 units in 2011. The October was the best month for sales, selling 1,579 units, i.e. 86 % up from the yesteryear. Comparatively Nissan has managed to sold 6,791 units in the whole year so far. This reflects how the electric vehicle industry is struggling. Despite of these figures, Ghosn has predicted that ten percent of all the vehicles sold by 2020 will be electric.

In November 2010, Ghosn predicted that the Renault-Nissan alliance wold see the sale of 500,000 electric vehicles by 2013. Other executives of the company have spent months trying to figure out a way to officially abandon the sales target.

In October Nissan’s executive vice president of product planning, Andy Palmer, explained that Nissan is not abandoning its plans to double EV sales, it’s the sales that are not meeting expectations. Nissan-Renault alliance has already invested about  £3 billions in electric vehicles in recent years.