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Nissan Vanette is a Smart Van

Nissan Vanette Reviewed

The Japanese automaker Nissan is famous for manufacturing all kind of cars and vans. It sells all these products in the UK and European markets and the Vanette is one of these luxuries that is a small panel van for small businesses and individuals. However it comes in different variations worldwide but in UK it has only two trim levels on the offering, one is the passenger carrier Serena and the second one is Vanette cargo. The first trim Serena has no rear windows and seats and is a good choice as a small panel van. It is cheap as well as economical van. The sliding doors on sides of Serena offer an easy access to the rear cabin of the vehicle however the driving position is very fine tuned but the wear on the seats is not good. It has good storage space.

Nissan Vanette

Nissan Vanette

The Vanette was introduced in UK markets in 1991 and it was based on the Mk1 Serena platform. There was a Vanette E shares the same body with the Serena. It has a longer wheel base and massive cargo space. LDV limited came under an agreement with Nissan and uses the same van LDV Cub. The Nissan Vanette engine ranges from 1.6 litre to 2.0 litre petrol and the 2.3 litre diesel. This diesel unit was very economical throughout the range due to some specific conditions and factors like economy, age, fuel type and engine size. The Nissan Vanette was offered in both manual and automatic gearboxes. Its 2.3 litre diesel engine is capable of producing 73bhp and pulling power of 106lb/ft of torque however its engine size is 2383cc with inline four cylinder engine patterns with the standard diesel injection system. Nissan Vanette Engine