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Nissan X-Trail

The New, Much Powerful Nissan X-Trail Unit with Improved Engine Economy

Nissan X-Trail improves its CO2 and fuel emission from the previous 1.6-litre diesel engine

Nissan has recently planned to compete the other large family SUVs by launching a more powerful engine for the X-Trail. The new Nissan engine has more power than the previous 1.6-litre diesel engine and has manufactured a 2.0-litre unit offering up 175 BHP.

The Power of new X-Trail Nissan Diesel Engine

Nissan is offering its ever powerful 2.0-litre diesel engine and has been upgraded to meet Euro 6 standards. The VP of Nissan Europe East, James Wright has claimed that this addition is “something richer” in the current SUV lineup. The new engine serves up 380 Nm of torque and it is sufficient to boost the name of Nissan.

Nissan X-Trail engine

Nissan X-Trail engine

Fuel Economy and CO2 Emissions

In the new Nissan X-Trail, the fuel economy and the CO2, both are competitive. In the manual unit, the 4WD manages 50.5mpg while emitting 153g/km of CO2. It is a bit less powerful than Skoda Kodiaq having 148bhp version. In the 2WD automatic version, the X-trail has improved by 1g/km with identical economy whereas the 4WD unit is offering 162g/km and 47.1mpg.     

With these massive engine specs, the X-Trail can hit 0-60mph in just 11 seconds. The class average is a second quicker but there aren’t many rivals which are competing the new X-Trail in not only speed, but also in the fuel consumption.

Nissan X-Trail Back side

Nissan X-Trail Back side

Nissan X-Trail Ride and Handling

The Nissan X-Trail’s bonnet is same as the most drivers are ever likely to need also makes for a laid-back, easy driving, comfortable riding car that deals with most UK roads as well. The road handling is very accurate, especially while driving the X-Trail at the top speed, it feels more comfortable and reliable.

Nissan X-Trail engine

Nissan X-Trail engine

There may be some extra features available when the final version will reveal.


Nissan has revealed the engine line-up in the new Nissan X-Trail

The new Nissan X-Trail was revealed at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show and it will go on sale in July 2014. The 4×4 gets a glossy new look inspired by the brand’s popular Qashqai and Juke models as well as an array of high tech driver aids.

It will be launched with a 1.6-litre dCi turbodiesel, offering 128bhp and 320Nm torque, and will be available in two and four-wheel drive. The new X-Trail will be among the most efficient cars in class, emitting 129g/km CO2 in two-wheel drive form, which should translate to economy of almost 60mpg.A 161bhp DIG-T turbocharged petrol engine will be added to the range in 2015.

It will come in a choice of three trim levels: Visia, Acenta and Tekna. All cars will get air-conditioning, alloy wheels, six airbags, LED daytime running lights, five-inch colour combimeter display, Bluetooth with microphone, cruise control and speed limiter, hill start assist, follow me home lights and a luggage board system. Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn told Auto Express the X-Trail will be built in five plants worldwide and sold in over 100 markets. “It’s another segment busting model for us, like the Juke and the Qashqai,” he added.

A spokesman said: “New X-Trail is just as tough and accomplished as the previous generation model, but adds crossover style and efficiency, exciting design, innovative technology and exceptional comfort to set a new benchmark in the fiercely competitive C-SUV market.”

The X-Trail also gets two brand new technologies: Active Ride Control and Active Engine Break. The first monitors the road surface to detect bumps and alters the damping to compensate. The latter aids the driver by adding engine braking when the car is cornering or decelerating to a standstill for better and faster braking control.

Nissan’s M9R Diesel Engine is packed with environmental friendly technologies

Nissan M9R engine was first time introduced in Europe in 2007 which exclusively come together with all building blocks from power to affordability which are necessary to make a quiet engine and the M9R is a clean diesel engine which considerably trims down NOx (mono-nitrogen oxides NO and NO2)and PM (particulate matters) emission levels. Particulates or particulate matter (PM) are micro pieces of solid or liquid substances associated with ambience and atmosphere of the earth.

Nissan M9R engine

Nissan M9R engine

These particles have the ability to suspend in the atmosphere as atmospheric aerosol and harmfully affect human health and also bang on environment and rainfall. To overcome these harmful effects of emissions Nissan has put its great efforts and in order to enable high combustion competence, the M9R engine utilizes the latest common rail fuel injection system with 1600bar and high exactitude piezo electric controlled injectors that react four times quicker than conventional procedures. By arranging the exhaust and inlet ports “in opposition,” a dual swirl effect is formed to improve the supply of the air and fuel blend for improved ignition effectiveness. In addition, an intervallic regeneration diesel particulate filter (DPF) offers the potential to repeatedly eliminate particulate matter from the exhaust.

The Continuously Variable Valve Timing Control System (CVTC) is also installed on the M9R engine for better efficiency; more swift catalyst activation System configuration offers ever cleaner emissions. Fuel injection system is very improved compared to preceding solenoid trigger systems; the insertion of piezo electric parts permits quicker stroke and has noticeably enhanced fuel injection timing with much improved and précised injection amount. Perfection and improvement in power generation capabilities and torque is comprehended by optimizing the shapes of injection pipes and vanes, minimising the friction, and getting better aerodynamic characteristics. The all new M9R engine has well enhanced Combustion efficiency because of well raised injection pressures to extra high levels up to 1600 bars and it also helped by an advanced control of fuel injection. Simultaneously, the frequency of particulate matter is restrained and Swirl flows are speed up by insertion of exhaust and intake ports in converse positions. This technique allows enhanced the already superior combustion efficiency. It has an all new three step DPF system which entraps the particulate matter and oxidise it at 600°C, and then repeat it continuously.

Nissan X Trail Engine Codes

Nissan X Trail Engine Codes

Nissan X-Trail Engine Size Nissan X-Trail Engine Codes Fuel Type Production Years
2.0 Litre MR20 Petrol (2008 TO 2011)
2.0 Litre QR20DE Petrol (2000 TO 2008)
2.0 Litre QR20DE Petrol (2006 TO 2008)
2.5 Litre QR25DE Petrol (2000 TO 2008)
2.5 Litre QR25DE Petrol (2006 TO 2008)

Nissan X-Trail Engine For Sale

The Nissan X-Trail for sale is something of an unsung champion in the compact 4×4 market. The Nissan-X-Trail_engineboxy lines on the Nissan X-Trail sale make it immensely practical, yet in terms of dynamics, the Nissan X-Trail diesel has great on-road manners, so it’s aggressive when compared to competitors. The Nissan X-Trail for sale feels less agricultural than a Land Rover Freelander both inside and out. The engine for Nissan X-Trail has a lavish but practical cabin. The Nissan X-Trail diesel gives great value, too, with host of standard kit and strong resale values. If you need a dependable but enjoyable SUV, then the Nissan X-Trail for sale shouldn’t disappoint. There’s only a single Nissan X-Trail used engine option for the X-Trail, a 2.0 Nissan X-Trail dCi, but it comes with two power outputs – 148bhp or 171bhp. The Nissan X-Trail manual gearbox is smooth, but the ride is firm, with road noise becoming particularly intrusive at motorway speeds. However, the harsh set-up benefits the Nissan X-Trail wheels in the bends, feeling more connected than the agricultural Land Rover Freelander. So long as you are prepared to work the Nissan X-Trail manual ‘box, the Nissan X-Trail for sale can be quite an entertaining drive. Nissan X-Trail engine has an appetite for revs and thrives as you let them build. The 171bhp Nissan X-Trail engine scores similarly to its competitors in terms of economy. Nissan X-Trail mpg is 44.1mpg on the combined cycle. However, the Nissan X-Trail sport gives good value, undercutting its competitors. Nissan X-Trail turbo kit levels are impressive across the range, with the best-selling Nissan X-Trail sport including a full-length sunroof, CD changer and Bluetooth preparation as standard.

Nissan X-trail with a Hybrid power train

The next generation of Nissan X-trail has much resemblance with the Nissan HI-Cross Concept thatNIssan X-trail will adopt the next generation X-Tronic CVT. It will come in all-wheel drive or front wheel drive. The 2014 Nissan X-Trail is 30mm higher than its predecessor. The new model is powered by a hybrid power train and offers the same performance as its 2.5L engine. The engine for X-Trail pairs a 2.0L direct injected 4-cylinder petrol unit to a CVT with the latest technology of an electric motor and compact lithium-ion battery. The X-Trail delivers 171bhp which is similar to its rivals in terms of fuel economy.

Nissan X-Trail returns 44.1mpg with plenty of steering wheel adjustment. Though this score beats the Honda CR-V (43.5mpg) but is short of Land Rover Free-Lander (45.6mpg) and Toyota RAV4 (47.1mpg). Nissan X-Trail offers a massive 1773-litres of boot capacity that is 100-litres more than Free-Lander. Furthermore the engine for sale X-Trail gives terrific fuel economy and this new model offers more attractive design and also gives the option for third row seating. Nissan X-Trail represents good value and it is an appealing package.

The Nissan X-Trail doesn’t Disappoint

The Nissan X-Trail is an unsung hero in the compact 4×4 market. It design makes it hugelyNissan X-Trail engine practical, yet in  terms of dynamics, the X-Trail has great on-road manners making it competitive when compared to rivals. The X-Trail is good value for money, too, with bags of standard kit and strong resale values. If you’re after a dependable yet enjoyable SUV, then the X-Trail shouldn’t disappoint.

The X-Trail design hasn’t been changed since its launch in 2001. It did get a minor facelift in 2007. The X-Trail is a winning formula and has seen Nissan making success by leaps and bounds in the SUV market alongside established rivals like the Land Rover Freelander and Honda CR-V. The interior is very upmarket too.

The 171bhp X-Trail is very similar to its competitors when it comes to economy. It delivers 44.1mpg on the combined cycle. The standard kit is generous and the list includes full-length sunroof, CD changer and Bluetooth. Nissan represents an appealing package whether you buy new or used.