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Nissan Taxi

Nissan Postpones London Taxi Project

Failure to meet the standards set for the planned Ultra-Low Emission Zone, Nissan’s new London black cab project has been suspended

Nissan has suspended its new black cab project for the time being due to failure in meeting emissions standards. This taxi design features a petrol engine which unfortunately failed to meet the tough emission standards set for the central London, but if in future the emissions zone is signed off this project will be brought in without any delay.

Nissan Taxis

Nissan Taxis

London Mayor Boris Johnson proposed that by the year 2018, they’ll make all London taxis zero emissions capable.

The current black cab taxis with their diesel engines return 32mpg and 233g/km of CO2 and the taxi from Nissan claims to offer significantly improved fuel economy and emissions. This is still not enough and once if the proposed zero emission zones come into effect, Nissan would have to re-engineer this cab thoroughly.

Nissan Taxi London

Nissan Taxi London

Mayor Boris Johnson is hoping to have well around 7,000 taxis capable of zero emission on the streets of London by the year 2020. And as of the owners of the old TX4 diesel cabs, every time they drive this vehicle into the capital, they’ll have to pay up to £20.

For some people, postponing this project seems bit unusual as the company has already launched e-NV200 which is the electric version of their popular MPV and which easily meets the set standards. Managing Director of Nissan Motor GB, James Wright said that their NV200 taxi is already performing brilliantly in New York and Barcelona but for London they are making engineering and styling changes. These changes are being made so that London can also enjoy a ride in the new and modern black cabs.

Nissan NV400 2015

New Nissan Engines Revealed For NV400 2015

Nissan NV400 is updated for 2015 model and the details have been revealed

Nissan NV400 is an inspiration of Renault Master and Vauxhall Movano panel vans. Nissan has revealed that it is updating the engine line-up for 2015 Nissan NV400, in order to make it more fuel saving van.  Nissan engine division has elected the 2.3 Litre common rail diesel engines and all these units are slightly powerful than ever before. A turbocharged engine develops 110bhp while other power variant is capable of generating 125bhp.

This time Nissan has introduced a pair of new twin-turbo engines, capable of generating 135bhp and 165bhp respectively. A revised power unit is available with 150bhp where it offers a turbocharger and robotised semi-auto box.

Nissan NV400 Engines

Nissan NV400 Engines

These engine units are especially designed to manage long journeys and offer muscular torque even below 1500rpm. Apart from extra power, 165bhp Nissan engine is capable of achieving an impressive fuel economy of 40mpg on average. If you owned a smaller engine model, then don’t worry, because these engines are more economical and even better than larger versions. The entire engine line-up has start stop technology as standard to help more fuel saving. Regenerative braking system is also available across the range.

In order to achieve a greater efficiency and optimised climate control, Nissan has introduced a new ECO mode to limit the engine torque. Entertainment system is also very good where you can enjoy the DAB Radio and Bluetooth connectivity as standard. There is Hill Start Assist, a new ESP System, Trailer Sway Control and a wide view mirror is offered as standard on all models. A passenger version of Nissan NV400 is available with tyre monitoring system. There will be a great range of body configurations available from 2015 but the pricing details are not available yet.