Is Nissan Micra struggling to keep its place in UK?

Micra is an elite Supermini built by Japanese automaker Nissan. It was introduced in global markets including UK and Europe but now Nissan feels that the Micra is destructive in the UK market and struggling to improve its presence there. Experts say that this is because of weird styling and unusual designs of the models.

Nissan Micra UK

Nissan Micra

It is comparatively a good little car when it comes to costs, reliability and safety. Although Micra is built in with durable bits and pieces but is unable to accomplish dependability in the domestic auto market of UK and totally kicked out by the Ford Fiesta. However another point to be noticed is that the Micra has only one engine option: a 1.2 litre but with different trims and state of tunes. It has three cylinder moulds with the size of 1198cc that can produce the power output of 79bhp only and the pulling power of 80 lb-ft of torque. Though it works on multipoint fuel injection system for great efficiency and performance but still feels some lack of power.

It is actually a tough job for Micra to make an overtaking attempt on the road and sprint on the traffic signals. One of the plus points is the fuel economy of this tiny city car. It has claimed fuel economy of 47 mpg combined. Nissan Micra has CO2 emissions of 115 g/km. This tiny engine is mated with five speed manual transmission which drives it from front wheels. This power terrain helps the Micra to sprint on road from 0 to 62 miles per hour in 13.7 seconds however the CVT automatic transmission can get there in 14.5 seconds and the top speed of Micra with CVT is 100 miles per hour and 105 miles per hour with the manual transmission.

Safety equipment includes EBD and ABS braking system with disks on front and drums on the rear wheels and brake assist system is also there. It has dual front airbags and pre-tensioners on the seat belts, curtains and side airbags and an Active safety system is rock-hard with ESP as standard on all trims and Euro NACP has awarded Micra four stars in crash testing.

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