Nissan X-Trail

The New, Much Powerful Nissan X-Trail Unit with Improved Engine Economy

Nissan X-Trail improves its CO2 and fuel emission from the previous 1.6-litre diesel engine

Nissan has recently planned to compete the other large family SUVs by launching a more powerful engine for the X-Trail. The new Nissan engine has more power than the previous 1.6-litre diesel engine and has manufactured a 2.0-litre unit offering up 175 BHP.

The Power of new X-Trail Nissan Diesel Engine

Nissan is offering its ever powerful 2.0-litre diesel engine and has been upgraded to meet Euro 6 standards. The VP of Nissan Europe East, James Wright has claimed that this addition is “something richer” in the current SUV lineup. The new engine serves up 380 Nm of torque and it is sufficient to boost the name of Nissan.

Nissan X-Trail engine

Nissan X-Trail engine

Fuel Economy and CO2 Emissions

In the new Nissan X-Trail, the fuel economy and the CO2, both are competitive. In the manual unit, the 4WD manages 50.5mpg while emitting 153g/km of CO2. It is a bit less powerful than Skoda Kodiaq having 148bhp version. In the 2WD automatic version, the X-trail has improved by 1g/km with identical economy whereas the 4WD unit is offering 162g/km and 47.1mpg.     

With these massive engine specs, the X-Trail can hit 0-60mph in just 11 seconds. The class average is a second quicker but there aren’t many rivals which are competing the new X-Trail in not only speed, but also in the fuel consumption.

Nissan X-Trail Back side

Nissan X-Trail Back side

Nissan X-Trail Ride and Handling

The Nissan X-Trail’s bonnet is same as the most drivers are ever likely to need also makes for a laid-back, easy driving, comfortable riding car that deals with most UK roads as well. The road handling is very accurate, especially while driving the X-Trail at the top speed, it feels more comfortable and reliable.

Nissan X-Trail engine

Nissan X-Trail engine

There may be some extra features available when the final version will reveal.

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