Nissan Smart Mirror Composes Elegant Rear-View and Obsolete Driver’s Neck

Driving techniques are now changed totally where different technologies help the driver in order to enhance its driving experience. There are a bunch of sensors, several cameras, different apps and several sophisticated mechanisms fitted in the modern automobiles that play their part while driving. Drivers don’t need to do a lot when these technologies are working but make wise decisions in order to use these technologies. In this area even small things help and are easy to take granted as turning your head while parking your vehicle.



Nissan is now ready to introduce a relatively old technology with new aspects of using this technology; it is a “rear-view smart mirror”. It is not a conventional mirror but it will work just as the conventional mirror does. It is actually a rear camera attached with a HD display to show you every activity behind you.
Though it is not an exclusive invention in the automotive world as several automakers are using rear cameras, however the images received from this camera are very high quality and projected onto the central stack screen used for navigation and infotainment functions.
Nissan’s rear-view system has several new aspects that allow the drivers to turn their rear-view mirrors into the displays by flipping the switch and gives the drivers with better larger view. This application used a specifically developed camera with 1.3 million pixels narrow angel attributes.

Nissan says, “The wide-angle cameras typically used in this application produce poor-quality images when paired with the LCD mirror screens”
The all new Nissan ZEOD RC is likely to be blessed with this technology, by the way, it a Hybrid race car that will participate in the 24Hours of Le Mans and Nissan says,” it will both improve visibility for the drivers and make cars more aerodynamic” Nissan further says that they are introducing this system in the production car by next year.

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