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Aston Martin crash in Aberdeen

www.evening express.co.uk A £170000 supercar was badly damaged in a head-on crash on the outskirts of Aberdeen today. Eyewitnesses said the Aston Martin Vanquish skidded over a central reservation on to the other side of the road and scuffed a Peugeot before the crash with a Nissan Navara Outlaw van.
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Bike Crash at Loch Lomond, Scotland

Bike heading in one direction at 60mph and a Nissan Micra heading in the other direction at 40mph trys to take right hand turn-in. Lucky for the bike rider he lives to tell the tail. Car driver gets 8months in one of her majesty’s hotel’s and still hasn’t said sorry. Oh appologies for the bit of violence at the end of the video, dont know how to remove that bit. The part at the end, the wake boarding part, is the motorbike rider before the crash.
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Crash test Nissan Micra trasero en CESVIMAP

Elensayo trasero reproduce el efecto que tendría un impacto sobre la parte trasera de un vehículo, a velocidad moderada. Para ello, una barrera móvil impacta contra el vehículo objeto de estudio, a una velocidad entre 15 y 16 km/h en el 40% de su parte trasera derecha, con el vehículo girado 10º en sentido antihorario, respecto a su eje longitudinal