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Texas_Ace 86 Nissan Z31 300zx Turbo VG33ET Swap First Start

This is the first start of my VG30ET to VG33ET swap in my 300zx turbo. I got the car with a blown engine and while looking for a replacement decided to go with a VG33 swap so i would get the 3.3l vs the stock 3.0l. Plus the better compression ratio of 9.1:1 vs the stock 7.8:1. Which should allow for about 25%+ more power all else being the same. I got this engine from a 98 pathfinder then swapped the cams from my blown engine over to it, got a new crank from a VG30ET along with the turbo and all the other VG30 stuff. You pretty much must have a VG30et parts engine to do this. Not a hard swap to do though if you have a parts engine. Plan to get it on the dyno pretty soon and see exactly what it is making.
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Nissan GT-R – Kelley Blue Book’s First Look

FORMORE CAR VIDEOS & REVIEWS CHECK OUT: www.kbb.com Nissan GT-R. Yearning from afar isn’t just reserved for high school dances. Car enthusiasts know the feeling all too well. One prime example of unrequited automotive love is the Nissan GT-R, or at least it used to be. After years of teasing us from across the ocean, Nissan has finally unleashed the GT-R (known as the Skyline in Japan) on America, to the praise of automotive journalists, enthusiasts and video game fans alike. In fact, for many American GT-R fans their first introduction to the vehicle was in video games like Gran Turismo. With them in mind, Kelley Blue Book’s Micah Muzio decided to compare the real world Nissan GT-R to its video game counterpart. Which one did he like more? Watch the video to see the obvious conclusion. For more new car reviews, interviews and automotive news visit www.kbb.com today.
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GOTO:Racing’s R35 GTR Racecar First Test`

Brian Lock drives the GOTO:Racing R35 GTR Racecar to a amazing 1:39.5 lap time around Infineon Raceway in only the cars 4’th session in track. Thanks to our sponsors Sheedy Crane, GT:R Fabrication, NAGTROC, Forged Performance, Brooks Motorsports Engineering, JRZ Suspension, Hoosier Racing Tire, Jongbloed Racing Wheels, Motorsport Brake Specialists, and Rob Green Nissan