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Nissan Makes the Competition More Tough for Honda

Nissan is closing the gap with Honda by introducing great discounts and some stylish designs in the U.S markets. It’s been more than 25 years when this race started between these two Japanese car makers in American markets. Toyota has dodged Honda and left it at second place few years ago but Nissan on the other hand, is still in not far behind and can be seen in the rear view mirror.

Nissan Friend-Me

Nissan Friend-Me

Nissan has changed its strategy and started launching models with best styling and supported by high end discounts that are now about to catch-up Honda and it can be possible in next few years when Nissan will overtake the rival in U.S markets.

The chairman of Nissan North America said that they are not hiding their ambitions and he is very sure that he will overtake Honda but time will answer to the question about”How long is it going to take Nissan? But it is surely going to happen” he said. By 2016, Nissan will capture about 10% more market share from Honda. From 2009 to present Nissan has increased its market share from 7.4 per cent to 8.6 per cent while Honda has its share of 9.1 per cent which is the lowest since 2006. It was at its peak in 2009 when they enjoyed an 11 per cent from U.S.

Nissan Saloon

Nissan Saloon

Toyota as we said is leading the market by almost five percent and sitting at 15 per cent of market in U.S. usually Honda used its technologies to be a trend setter in global markets and it is the pioneer of manufacturing Japanese cars in U.S and they do it at “crazy Speed” the term used by Honda executives to mention their operations. They are famous for quality and reliability and appeal to customers with different slogans such as, Honda: Power of Dreams, and We make it Simple.

Nissan will launch a new Saloon Concept at Auto China 2014 Show

The motor show will feature a brand new, market-specific saloon from Nissan as the flagship sold Nissan Teanathere, the Teana, celebrates its tenth birthday. Nissan plans to premier a new showcase saloon concept that symbolises its Chinese market-specific as well as global design strategy at the upcoming Auto China 2014 show.

The 13th year of the show in Beijing also marks the tenth anniversary of the flagship Nissan Teana, the company’s top vehicle in China. A special edition of the Teana will be on display during the show along with the all-new X-Trail and a new NV200 Xtronic transmission, expected to sell well in China. The saloon concept, though, will be the real star of the show and the one we’ll be watching most closely as it is likely to show Nissan’s plans for Asian and possibly North American design language going forward.

Nissan says: “Subsequent to Friend-ME in 2013, this concept car will be the second time for Nissan Design China (NDC), Nissan’s newest global design center located in Beijing, to realize a concept car design in collaboration with the Nissan Global Design Center (NGDC) under the leadership and direction of Nissan Senior Vice President and Chief Creative Officer Shiro Nakamura.” This would make more sense as Nissan needs a new, competitive seller in China to continue gaining ground in the world’s fastest-growing automotive market.

Nissan Gives A Breath Of Fresh Air to the Leaf

The Japanese automaker Nissan has announced upgraded price list for the improved Leaf in UK. It

Nissan Leaf 2013 Electric Car

Nissan Leaf 2013 Electric Car is Cheaper Now

is now going to be sold for 15,990 GBP. Nissan also announced that, the discounted and very low priced version of the Leaf in United Kingdom will be available for as low as 15,990 GBP and the Government’s electric car endowment of 5,000 GBP will also apply to it.
However Nissan’s class leading and flagship Tekna model is priced at 25,490 GBP, prior to the 5,000 GBP grant is applied. Nissan also announced that the leaf owners are in for some good news too, they will be able to choose between three trim levels: a Vista at £29990, an Acenta at £23490 and the Tekna from £25490. The Leaf will also be available with new and powerful battery pack.The all new Leaf comes with an enhanced aerodynamics, efficient heating system, and 70 percent more resourceful and updated

Nissan Leaf 2013 Electric Car Interior

Nissan Leaf 2013 Electric Car

regenerative braking system and many refreshed tweaks. The suspension system has been refreshed to suit UK roads. The Lead has been tweaked by a Michigan based company which offers a new range of powerful battery packs from 4KWh, 8KWh or 12 kWh for the Nisan Leaf, which can be mounted in order to get EV’s maximum range. If you drive a Nissan Leaf and you are not happy with it than now you have a variety being offered by Nissan but just like every improvement, this won’t come economical. Extra battery packs can be installed in order to develop the total range of the electric vehicle from 116 km to 176 km. The cost for the 12 kWh battery pack is almost 4500 GBP.