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Will you like to see the height of engineering? Nissan ZEOD RC 1.5L is drawing 395hp from 3-cylinders

Well! I’m not a great fan of turbo-charged units mainly, due to reliability issues and then massive repairing costs yet turbo helps engineers to drop down emissions. The Nissan ZEOD RC will be the world’s first Le Mans racer powered by a downsized 1.5 litre three-cylinder engine. Nissan has also revealed that ZEOD RC Le Mans racer car will be powered by a Hybrid system and they publicized initial technical details of Hybrid system to be installed in the forthcoming models.  This downsized engine is only 40kg in weight and 1.5 Litre size with turbocharger and it unbelievably develops 395bhp of power punch.



This car is going to be the first ever vehicle at Le Mans to complete a lap of the Circuit de la Sarthe with only an electric motor. This 1.5 litre 395bhp engine will take over from the electric motors once the car has done a single lap. Regenerative braking system helps the battery pack to be recharged and according to Nissan engineers, it will be 94 miles before the battery packs are fully charged.

This engine weighs just 40kgs and has unbelievable power to weight ratios with 10bhp per kilogram. It is way better than the 1.6 Litre engines which are to be used in Formula 1 Championship 2014. The ZEOD RC engine has rev limit of 7,500rpm and produces massive torque of 280 Lb-Ft. Nissan will likely enter the LM P1 class of the FIA World Endurance Championship in 2015 just because of its development of Le Mans racer. Darren Cox, Nissan’s Global Motorsport Director said, “Our engine engineering squad has done a really incredible job with the internal combustion engine and we’re aiming to uphold our place as engineering leaders while keeping our intentions on rationalized engine size.”


How to remove transmission / clutch. (REINSTALL) 95 – 99 Nissan Maxima Part 4

Part 4 of 5. Now to reinstall the new clutch and transmission

www.CertifiedTrans.com 801-849-9300 (more below Nissan transmission/radiator failures can and do happen. This is where we see Nissan transmission cooler tanks break inside the radiator. The type of failure allows automatic transmission fluid and engine coolant to mix. When running, the pressure in the transmission cooler is greater than the radiator. This allows transmission fluid to enter the engine coolant in the radiator. When the engine is warm and not running, the pressure in the cooling system is greater than the transmission and allows engine coolant to enter the transmission fluid. Eventually, the transmission fluid will turn anywhere from a “strawberry milkshake” color, to a chocolate brown, depending on the condition and age of the fluid. We have a patented Gly-Tek glycol test that can detect concentrations of coolant in the transmission fluid as low as 50 PPM (parts per million). This test is only and can save you THOUSANDS down the road. It takes only 1 hour; call the number above for an appointment.

Black Ops Custom Emblems (Part 20) Feat: Car Logos and Badges REVISED

You can now connect with me via Facebook. I will post teaser/preview pictures of upcoming emblem tutorials. Also allows you to interact with other fans as well a make requests and suggestions. In addition to just about anything else I want to do that you may not find on my Youtube channel. Friend me at www.facebook.com/nocturnal.asylum You’re Welcome, TNA —————————— Did a few car emblems and logos. I know the Pontiac logo isn’t exact but opted to put the GTO lettering instead. Fix the problem of one of clips being live speed. Enjoy! 1. Audi 2. Bentley 3. BMW 4. Dodge 5. Ferrari 6. Pontiac GTO 7. Nissan Skyline GTR Badge 8. Hyandai 9. Honda Powersports 10. Infiniti 11. KIA 12. Mitzubishi 13. Ford Mustang Badge 14. SAAB 15. Chevrolet Super Sport Badge 16. Suburu 17. Toyota 18. Honda Type R Badge 19. Corvette Badge 20. Volkswagon