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Texas_Ace 86 Nissan Z31 300zx Turbo VG33ET Swap First Start

This is the first start of my VG30ET to VG33ET swap in my 300zx turbo. I got the car with a blown engine and while looking for a replacement decided to go with a VG33 swap so i would get the 3.3l vs the stock 3.0l. Plus the better compression ratio of 9.1:1 vs the stock 7.8:1. Which should allow for about 25%+ more power all else being the same. I got this engine from a 98 pathfinder then swapped the cams from my blown engine over to it, got a new crank from a VG30ET along with the turbo and all the other VG30 stuff. You pretty much must have a VG30et parts engine to do this. Not a hard swap to do though if you have a parts engine. Plan to get it on the dyno pretty soon and see exactly what it is making.
Video Rating: 4 / 5