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Nissan JUKE-R Video 5 – Gearbox and Drivetrain

VIDEO 5 – GEARBOX AND DRIVETRAIN – One of the biggest differences between the GT-R and Juke is the wheelbase, with Juke’s being 250mm shorter than GT-R’s. This means that the engineers behind the Juke-R project had to install shorter prop shafts, while making sure that the car kept the GT-R’s superb handling. Watch all the videos following the build of this amazing car on the Official Juke You Tube Channel and give us your thoughts on the Nissan JUKE Official Facebook page: www.facebook.com

This video shows the steps in draining the old oil out of and getting new oil into the manual gearbox of a R33 Nissan Skyline. Please note, I show on this video to use a funnel and pipe, the easier option is definitely to spend the money and buy a gearbox oil pump, it will make the job much faster! This video will probably be applicable to most rear wheel drive manual gearboxes. Hope this is of some help to anyone considering this job.
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KSnusa Nissan Frontier Tragedy in practice and video shooting at Cikarang Circuit.

KSnusa Nissan Frontier Tragedy in practice and video shooting at Lippo Cikarang Circuit. Nissan Frontier V8 4.7L Engine, Haltech E11v2. Indonesian Speed Offroad Vehicle. The pressure plate got very high temperature and it blown inside cabin… it was like an exploded bomb.. the driver (Satya Sunarso) had several broken on his foot’s fingers and I.. (Ovi Sardjan) as co-driver, had injured near eyes.. this tragedy was happened on one week before I got married… Glad God help us, I am still alive… God bless us!!! the problem was on clutch disc, we use sintered iron clutch disc, and the track surface is very mud and our car only has “4H” transfercase…. slip on clutch disc made the pressure plate high temp.. and also the water splash made that pressure plate become fragile because it is on high temp.. Now we’ve made some modification/manufacturing on Bell Housing cover to protect driver and co-driver from parts’ broken that can affect into dangerous effects. KSnusa’s Dyno Dynamics AWD Chassis Dynamometer. Authorized Haltech Dealer in Indonesia. KS Motorsport Indonesia – www.ksnusa.com Jakarta – Indonesia.
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Nissan Juke – (Video promocional) – SOBRECOCHES.com

Nissan JUKE toma la base mecánica y técnica del nuevo Nissan Micra, la plataforma B que Nissan comparte con Renault y sobre la que se ofrecen productos como el Renault Clio, Modus,Grand Modus, Nissan Note y Nissan Qashqai. Precisamente, se encuadrará entre estos dos modelos de la oferta de productos de Nissan y contará con el interesante sistema de tracción total ALL MODE. Puedes encontrar más información en SOBRECOCHES.com
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